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As a result of our proven experience and with the use of proprietary tools and methodologies, we integrate all the necessary resources to achieve project objectives within the defined scope, time, cost, and quality.

Core services

  1. Project definition and identification
  2. Project Formulation and Planning
  3. Project Implementation and Execution
  4. Project Evaluation and Monitoring
  5. Project Closure
  6. Structuring and Creation of Project Management Offices (PMO´s)
  7. Project Quality Assurance Plan
  8. Comprehensive Diagnostic and Intervention of Ongoing Projects
  9. Change Management
  10. Risk Management
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Nuestro Reto

The Challenge

Ensure the successful execution and fulfillment of your projects.

Cómo lo Resolvimo

Our Approach

Leveraging our experience and knowledge in Project Management, we took into account all the variables of time and resources to determine the feasibility of completing, in the expected time (7 months), the implementation of the ERP system.
During the first month, we develop all the project planning by defining: resources, roles, time, costs and scope.
We made the presentation to the management committee to obtain the approval of money, work team and the commitment of the organization for the execution of the project.
All the stakeholders were involved: managers, operatives and technicians for the execution of the project, we carried out a periodic follow-up of the progress and applied controls to deviations in time and scope.
The entire process of training and testing of the new system was carried out and all validations were performed before and after the start date of operation of the new system, achieving an effective closure of the project.


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  1. Project executed from start to finish under PMBOK guidelines.
  2. Implementation with POSITIVE impact on business continuity.
  3. Project completed on time and with a 3% difference in estimated costs.
  4. ZERO deviations to the project scope
  5. Adjustments to operational processes with only 2 required ERP code customizations
  6. Documentation and creation of the implementation model for future projects.