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Transformando Empresas con Eficiencia y Sostenibilidad

Transforming Businesses with Efficiency and Sustainability

At CYRRUS ECS, the Strategic Planning service stands out for our experience and proven methodologies. We are able to quickly understand and analyze business dynamics at the executive, functional and business levels to generate a high impact and in a practical and accelerated way, to take your organization to new heights.

¿Qué nos hace diferentes?

What makes us different?

We have refined skills that allow us to achieve results in 30% less time than the time conventionally required for a Strategic Business Planning analysis. We focus our energy on providing efficient and cost-effective solutions that not only drive business growth, but also foster and promote sustainability.

Enfoque en la Eficiencia

Focus on Efficiency

Rather than simply understanding business dynamics, we transform them. Our ability to accelerate the strategic analysis process translates into faster and more effective decision making, enabling your company to move toward success in an effective and sustainable manner.

Resultados Más Rápidos, Impacto Duradero

Faster Results, Lasting Impact

At CYRRUS ECS, we not only reduce analysis time, but also ensure that the results are tangible and scalable. We collaborate with you to develop a strategy that is not only efficient in the present, but also paves the way for a solid business future.

Beneficios de Cyrrus Strategy: Agilidad, Transformación y Eficiencia

Benefits of Cyrrus Strategy: Agility, Transformation and Efficiency

Eficiencia Transformadora

Transformative Efficiency

Our experience and innovative methodologies allow us to quickly understand and analyze business dynamics at managerial, functional and business levels, driving an effective and sustainable transformation.

Tiempo Optimizado

Optimized Time

We develop specialized skills to generate results in 30% less time than the time usually required in a Strategic Business Planning analysis, providing practical and timely solutions.

Enfoque Práctico y Acelerado

Practical and Accelerated Approach

We differentiate our service by offering a deep understanding of business dynamics, translating them into practical solutions and taking your organization to new levels of impact, quickly and efficiently.

Sostenibilidad Empresarial

Business Sustainability

We excel at providing efficient and cost-effective solutions that drive business growth, while fostering sustainability, while respecting ethical and environmental principles.

Enfoque en la Eficiencia Operativa

Focus on Operational Efficiency

More than understanding the dynamics, we transform them, accelerating the strategic analysis process to achieve faster and more effective decision-making, allowing your company to move towards success efficiently.

Resultados Tangibles y Escalables

Tangible and Scalable Results

We guarantee not only to reduce analysis time, but also to deliver tangible and scalable results. We collaborate with you to develop strategies that are not only efficient in the present, but also build a strong business future.

Core services

  1. Strategic Corporate Planning
  2. Creation and Optimization of Shared Service Centers
  3. Strategic Business Planning
  4. Business Continuity Plan
  5. Information Technology & Digital Transformation Strategic Plan
  6. Supply Chain, Logistics and Inventory Strategic Planning
  7. Financial, Accounting, Administrative and Purchasing Strategic Planning
  8. Operations and Manufacturing Strategic Planning
Strategy imagen 1

Nuestro Reto

The Challenge

We tune your organization´s strategic planning to generate high-impact results in a short period of time.

Cómo lo Resolvimos

Our Approach

We developed the Strategic Plan of Information Technology & Digital Transformation composed of:
An IT TECHNICAL PLAN to raise in one year from 4/10 to 8/10 the degree of technological maturity, optimizing the expenditure of the IT area.
We deliver the IT APPLICATIONS PLAN for 2 years, to support the business growth strategy.
Finally, we provide complementary aspects to the BUSINESS PLAN associated with financial, cost and decision-making optimization.


Strategy imagen 2
  1. Leveling of cash flow in technology expenses.
  2. Optimization of response times of technology resources to business needs.
  3. Prioritization of critical technology projects
  4. 400% increase in technology infrastructure investment
  5. Return on technology investment in 2 years
  6. 20% savings in licensing
  7. 40% savings in connectivity services
  8. 40% decrease in in-house technical support cases