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Strengthening the backbone of your business is possible through our tailor-made consulting services for your organization.
Our services include an IT strategic business exercise, a complete diagnosis of both your company´s software solutions, and the hardware and communications of your company.

Core services

  1. Technological Maturity Assessment
  2. Business Process Coverage Analysis
  3. Elaboration of Digital Transformation Project Plans
  4. Evaluation and Optimization of IT Spending and Investments
  5. IT Team Development Plan
  6. Structuring, Start-up and Control of Shared Service Centers
  7. Definition of Architectures: Technical, Application and Business Architectures
  8. Service Level Agreements Structuring
  9. Definition, Evaluation, Selection of IT Providers
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The Challenge

Nuestro Reto

Be the temporary or permanent IT Manager of your organization.



  1. CIO as a Service

    For the size of your company and your budget you can hire a highly experienced CIO to leverage and lead the technology backbone of your company.

  2. CIO Mentoring

    In case your company requires the accompaniment of an experienced CIO to strengthen the competencies of your incumbent CIO, we offer monthly hourly packages that guarantee a 1-on-1 coaching of the technology team leader.

  3. Special Purpose CIO

    A company, in this era of rapid digital transformation, usually faces multiple challenges and projects consuming the time of its IT leader in a total way reducing the effectiveness and agility required to complete the projects. Our accompaniment in sync with your CIO will ensure that your company moves forward in its digital transformation process.

  4. Interim CIO

    In the event that the CIO resigns or for reasons of temporary disability, your company can hire our services immediately, guaranteeing the continuity of the business while the position is filled again.